I Help Business Owners To Bring In Customers, On Demand!
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I Help Business Owners To Bring In Customers, On Demand!

I’m Ian Garrone: foodie, travel guru, marketing expert, designer, and a vibrant personality. I work with business owners to build highly effective customer strategies. I’m an expert at marketing, growth, strategy, design, and technology.

I have worked with global brands, concert tours, hospitality groups, and mom-and-pop businesses.


The Thrill of Success


I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs that have owned restaurants, hair salons, event venues, and preschools.

Naturally, I grew up as an entrepreneur. At 16 years old, I was playing DJ sets and selling over $100,000 of tickets for local events. I was stuffing event flyers into lockers, sending invitations on Facebook, and I was touring with top event producers and brands on the weekends across the East Coast. The hustle was real!

I put that all on pause to go to college. I did an internship, joined a fraternity, accepted a job with a global brand.

But one day, I realized that I was going in the opposite direction. Here’s the biggest mistake I have ever made . . .


Client Testimonials


“Ian Garrone has helped Birch and our sister venues produce creative content for our events, nightlife, and restaurant marketing promotions. We received great insight, advice, and recommendations due to his thorough understanding of the industry. We highly recommend Ian based on his intense work ethic and productivity!”

Gerald V.
Marketing Director, Hoboken Hospitality

Birch Nightclub, Coco Havana Restaurant, Mike’s Wild Moose Saloon


“The objective of this note is to highly endorse Ian Garrone as a bright, enthusiastic, hard working professional . . . He always brought energy, creativity, and productivity to every assignment. Ian is one of those guys that you just know is "going places". 

Isaac R.
Senior Vice President, Movado


“Ian always delivers. Very reliable and always willing to pitch in any way possible.

Great team player and a great leader!!”

Eddie Dean
Owner and President, RPM Music Marketing